Butt Shaping

During the butt shaping process, also known as hip shaping, a more upright appearance is given to the buttocks with the fat injection method. At medieval sculptures and paintings made in Europe wide-hipped women are used as a symbol of aesthetics and beauty, nowadays narrow and dislocated hips are considered beautiful. Popular culture affects the taste of people. Claims for butt aesthetics and butt lift increased. Amorphous and larger hips shortens the length of the legs and both increasing mismatch between the length of the upper and lower parts of the body. More rounded and more prominent, muscular hip combination such as seen in African hip structure are ideal and is called the Latin hip. This hip structure can be defined as: round and protruding backwards but look where muscles are not evident; overflow sideways in a narrow format, the top and bottom a short hip shape. Such as all other physical properties the hip structure is genetic transported. If the hip structure is as you wish, exercises, care nutrition to maintain it should be sufficient. But, if the genetic structure of the hip is bad or corrupted over time, unwanted images can be removed with a surgical procedure.
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What type of surgery can be done to beautify the hip shape?

Liposuction (fat absorption) can raise a hip shape and can make it better, hip replacements “gluteal implants”, are more feminine, it can obtain a more youthful appearance. With some patients the combination of both hip replacement surgery and liposuction can provide a better result. Also lift of the buttocks can be formed with the classical method ‘buttock lift’ surgery.

How will the buttock be shaped with liposuction (fat absorption)?

During the liposuction operation does the doctor not only removes the fat, there will be also fat injected in the area needed. Thus the desired location looks fuller, other parts are narrower and shaped. With liposuction surgery there are no scars left except in the cannula 2-3 mm inputs.

Does the hip replacement surgery leave any scars?

This surgery does not remain big scars, they are very small and is also in a not visible area.

In which case is the stretching hip surgery applied?

By removing a portion of the excess sagging skin and subcutaneous tissue, the hips can be ensured to achieve firmer and more lifted appearance. By buttock lift surgery, due to having a prominent scar hidden beneath the underwear, methods such as liposuction and hip arthroplasty (except very severe deformity) have replaced the classic hip surgery nowadays.

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