Chin Aesthetics

What is Chin Aesthetics?

The nose, chin and cheekbones are in harmony with each other and are prominently located on the face, and chin aesthetics changes the appearance of the chin. The zygomatic bone area may appear sunken as a result of weight loss, age or congenital. This tired, neglected and grieving appearance can be changed into correct proportions by tissue injections and synthetic facial implants. Thereby, you will have a more attractive, younger and more charming face. After this surgery there will be no scars left. The surgery takes about 40-50 minutes.

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Changing the Face Shape – Removal of the Cheek Fat

A face shape acceptable as beautiful and esthetic; an angular, long and lean look with a triangular structure narrowing to the jaw. Some people have a more more chubby face and a round appearance. By these people, with large-looking faces, the face structure will be formed by removal of the fat pads and therefore they will have a longer and more attractive face shape. This surgery is an operation of 30 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia. There will be no scars in the face. The patients can return to work after 1-2 days. If necessary, a chin prosthesis may be included to create a more attractive facial structure.

Chin Augmentation

At plastic surgery it is important have an idea of the normal view in advance. Before performing chin augmentation it should be determined if the jaw is large, small, back or slanted. A simple method for understanding; a vertical line passing through the lips of the man is supposed to pass tip of the chin, in women this line is placed 2-3 mm lower. Also the length of the face is useful in making measurements by the determination the length of the chin. The facial region is divided into three regions in the horizontal plane; between the hairline and muscle, between the muscle and nosetip, between the nosetip and chin. The distance between the nosetip and chin is divided into 3; from the nosetip to the upper lip is 1/3, the distance between the lower lip and chin is 2/3. Also the angle between the chind and neck should be about 90 degrees. One other thing to be determined is the relation between the upper chin and lower chin and the teeth contact. All the effort is to re-establish these rates. For this purpose, to decide what should be done is the most important parameter that will influence the result and the aesthetic vision of the plastic surgeon.

Will I have scars after Chin augmentation?

With aesthetic chin surgery there will not be a visible scar. As we can use synthetic materials to enlarge the chin/jaw, we can also use the patients own tissue. By large or dislocated chins bone transactions can be necessary.

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