Face Lift

What is Face Lift?

There is no ideal standard drawn face template for youth and beauty. The aim is to ensure a better facial appearance. Skin structure, ethnic features, skin elasticity, facial bone structure and a realistic approach should be discussed before surgery. This procedure can be done in the eighties and even in their thirties. Face lift surgery can not stop aging. Face lift is not just a skin stretching process. The skin is very flexible and is not a load bearing tissue. Patients undergoing only skin stretching return to the past appearance in a very short time. When this surgical intervention is also done in the subcutaneous tissue of the skin, a more long-term results are obtained. yuz germe The aging process does not only include the tissue shrinkage but also sagging, thus just a taut cheek can not show you younger. When completed a correct vector in combination with cocktails applications from abdomen tissue, the face can become more young and dynamic. Facelift will help you look better, healthier and younger. The positive results increases self-confidence in patients. It should also be discussed in detail if together with facelift surgery the forehead, neck and around the eyes needs correction additionally, before the operation. You may need to make corrections in a few areas to get the best results. It is very important to choose an expert and experienced plastic surgeon. Your surgeon will evaluate your face  separately during the first examination. He will determine your skin color, skin structure and elastic properties. Photos will be taken towed to your plastic surgeon to work on them. High blood pressure, smoking habit, tendency to scar, your risk factors such as clotting characteristics will be investigated. Your surgeon will ask about your medical history, will try to have an idea about your mental and psychological structure. Having realistic expectations is essential to successful results from the surgery. The plastic surgeon will advise on initiatives and expectations that will be applied. When you decide to receive the surgery, your surgeon will discuss the techniques to be applied, the anesthesia technique, other additional initiatives and risks, the hospital stay and the budget. THE SURGERY Surgical incision starts from the temple area, from the bottom of the earlobe and made towards the back of the scalp and ears, from the front of the ear and to be hidden inside the ear canal. After performing the stretching process to the muscles beneath the skin and connective tissue, the excess fat is removed, by stretching the skin to remove the redundancies from the cut line. The marks will be concealed within the natural face lines. After the excess skin is removed, the thin cuts are hided with an elegant suture. You do not need to shave or shorten the hair for the surgery. Initiatives are normally completed between 3 to 5 hours. Slight pressured srugical dressing and bandage is applied after the surgery. AFTER THE OPERATION The postoperative time is pleasant and painless. It is normal to have some swelling and bruising, this is minimized by cold compress application. Pressure dressing and bandages are taken off the day after the surgery. Your plastic surgeon will ask you  to keep your head high, to restrict your activities and to report all your complaints. As every surgery, the facelift surgery also has risks. The drains will be removed 24 hours after surgery. The stitches are mostly soluble hidden stitches. The person can return to work within 10 days, the complete recovery takes about 2-3 weeks. The scars become uncertain matured after a certain period of time. The scars concealed within the natural face lines can be camouflaged with make-up. The tightness felt so immediately after surgery will decrease within weeks. In addition, it should be kept in mind that the aging process will continue also after surgery. In patients who underwent plastic surgery around the eyes, neck and face previously but are unhappy, re-touches can be made that will lead to better interventions or comprehensive appearance. Second and even third time face lift operations are made in a meaningful number in the world.

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