Facial Rejuvenation with Mesotherapy

What is Facial Rejuvenation with Mesotherapy?

Is a part of conventional medicine, in its simplest definition medium skin (mesoderm) it means treatment. Outside of general medicine it has become an effective treatment for cellulitis, dermal rejuvenation, fat reduction, weight loss and aesthetic shaping of the body. Fast and precision of the results, to include any risks, for use in very small doses of the drug to be administered directly to the diseased area of regional influence that are the most important factor in the choice of mesotherapy.

Configuring the body and the purpose of the application made mesotherapy for cellulite, fat tissue to increase the stimulating fat burning, decreased blood flow to edit, to ensure the orderly operation of the lymphatic system and to increase the decreased skin elasticity. In this way, it showed a significant improvement in both local slimming cellulite. Once the application of special needles and disposable 2-6 mm length are made with special application techniques. It should be administered at least 4 times 1-2 times a week. Light bruises that may occur on the skin during the application does not affect the continuity of treatment. The severity of bruising may vary from person to person. Dermal rejuvenation and anti-aging effect of drugs used are effective on vitamins and anti-oxidants which are elastin and collagen. Elastin stimulation firmness of the skin, stimulating collagen skin humidity is increased.

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