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EVALUATION OF BODY WEIGHT AND CONTROL OF WEIGHT *Body Analysis: We perform detailed and regional body analysis with our InBody 570 device *Slimming: As we all know, being at the ideal weight is not only an aesthetic problem, but also one of the cornerstones of health. Unfortunately, information pollution is very common today. It should not be forgotten that the important thing is not only to lose weight, but to lose weight permanently without harming our body. It is possible with a healthy diet program to be followed by a dietitian. *Weight Gain: Extreme weakness is also a health problem and weight should be gained by eating a balanced diet with a dietitian. First, is this problem physiological or psychological; or whether it is due to malnutrition only, must be determined. DIABETES *Type 1 Diabetes: Insulin-dependent diabetes *Type 2 Diabetes: Non-insulin dependent diabetes *Gestational Diabetes: Diabetes occurring during pregnancy No matter what type of diabetes you have, dieting is essential to keep blood sugar balanced and prevent complications of diabetes. In order to learn your proper diet and stick to it, it is necessary to be under the supervision of a dietitian. INSULIN RESISTANCE AND GLUCOSE TOLERANCE DISORDER They are problems related to unhealthy nutrition, excessive consumption of junk food, obesity and inactivity. They are health problems that you can overcome with a dietitian follow-up and a suitable diet program before it progresses further and turns into diabetes. NUTRITION IN PREGNANCY: In this beautiful and exciting 9-month period, you can get support from a dietitian to make sure that both you and your baby get all the necessary nutrients and to learn what to eat and what not to eat. NUTRITION DURING LACTATION: Nutrition during breastfeeding does not mean consuming a lot of sugary food to make milk. It is very important to receive appropriate nutritional support under the control of a dietitian in order to both produce high quality and sufficient milk, and to prevent the mother from gaining weight and to lose weight if necessary. CHILD AND ADOLESCENT NUTRITION: Healthy eating habits are gained at a young age. Protecting our children from diseases and obesity, which is the problem of our age, is only possible with a healthy diet. NUTRITION IN HEART AND VASCULAR DISEASES: *Hyperlipidemia (high blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels) * Hypertension (High blood pressure) NUTRITION IN STOMACH AND BOTTOM DISEASES: *reflux
  • Gastritis
  • Ulcer
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • irritable bowel syndrome

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