Spider Web Aesthetics

What is Spider Web Aesthetics?

Spider web aesthetics is a safe and comfortable, non-surgical face lift procedure with special threads, giving natural results.

With web aesthetics you can see quick results and it is particularly an effective method for hanging cheeks and your chin image. It is also proven that this method can be applied to each region in the body and neck, breast and butt. Non allergic PDO threads are used to region which lost elasticity. This process, by entering minimal administered subcutaneously, will be painless and have safe results comparing t open surgery which require very intensive and lengthy preparation. Lifting effect is reached by the PDO threads and the action mechanism formed as a reaction of the body to the thread. At the same time patients continue their daily activities after the procedure, it should be possible to use make-up and also one of the biggest advantages is that it is painless.

This process is highly demanded by people and is popular in the press for recent years, but for the result the importance of the surgeon is very important.

Who are suitable for web aesthetics?

This operation is appropriate for each individual, men or women, who have wrinkles around the mouth and lips, cheeks and chin, who suffer from sagging and the skin elasticity is lost and who want to rejuvenate and renew their face.

How is face rejuvenation by web aesthetics done?

An anesthetic cream is applied to the face, very thin needles containing PDO (polydioxanone) threads are applied (injected). These threads help to build a network beneath the skin conversely the gravity. In reaction to the PDO threads the body produces collagen. Thus lifting effect is doubled. Due to the implementation in a short time, about 30 minutes, it is also called lunch break lift or weekend lift.

The difference can be seen immediately after application. This difference will be evident in your skin even more with time and will stretch every day. You will have completely visible results after about 3 months. If deemed necessary and desired process can be repeated. There are no side effects.

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