Liposculpture Treatment

Liposculpture treatment process is applied in combination with liposuction. This process is deemed appropriate for cellulite and orange peel skin; first the excess fat is removed by liposuction, after this skin tightening is applied without creating any scars.

This method is applicable to all the area where the cellulite is such as abdomen, waist, back, hips and the inner and outer legs.


This process has the advantage of creating a tightened skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. This surgery is done with general anesthesia in the operating room environment. The postoperative hospital stay is 1 night and the patient can return to social life after 2 days rest. The firming and slimming effect can be seen from the 10th day and within time it will become more pronounced. A bodice must be warn 3 weeks after surgery. After the operation the patient can start tracking the 10th day. The can sport after 3 weeks.

You can achieve the proper look after the first month.

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