Whitening Spot Treatment

What is Whitening Spot Treatment?Whitening%20Leke%20Bak%C4%B1m%C4%B1%20

  • During the whitening spot treatment, the skin is cleaned using cleansers suitable for the skin.
  • Micro peeling application is done with three action cleanser
  • Toning is done with clearing toner.
  • Cleaning the skin with yellow clean antibacterial for the last time before the application.
  • A spot mask is applied to the skin, including around the eyes, prepared with special mixtures, especially 51% pure pearl powder.
  • A brightening/spot lightening serum is applied to the skin.
  • Eye area regenerating gel is applied.
  • The process is terminated by applying moisturizer and sunscreen in accordance with the needs of the skin.

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