Breast Reduction Surgery

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Mammary tissue consists of mammary glands, milk ducts and fat. Therefore the volume of your breast is not fixed. Because of menstruation or during pregnancy the milk glands, hormone-sensitive, swells up and grows. When weight is taken the breasts swollow and grow, when weight is given the breasts shrink. The breasts are a dynamic and variable bodypart.

Sagging breast connected to the spinal cord, can cause back and neck pain in women and may lead to kyphosis. There may be arm numbness due to the pressure on the nerve by the bra. There may be withdrawn difficulty breathing. Due to friction between the skin and the breast skin of the chest there may be rash and the wounds can open. Due to genetic factors, hormonal changes or certain diseases result, there may occur large breasts comparing to body size. Increased breast tissue and consequent large breast may also occur in young girls.

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At breast reduction surgery the breast tissue is reshaped according to the person’s body size. Surgery is done with general anesthesia in the operating room in hospital setting and takes about 2 – 3 hours.

Not everyone keep the same scar after this surgery. The resulting shape and size of the scar depends on the breast sagging and will vary depending on how much it is minimized. An inverted T-shaped scar will remain at very large and pendulous breasts, at less flabby and not very big breasts this will be a “mini T”, a scar in the form of a straight line down from the nipple called a “J” or “I”.

Postoperatively healing time is painless and comfortable. Special protective bra corsets is used after surgery. It is allowed to take a bath 2 days after surgery and special protective creams are used. It is required to use the corset for 3 weeks. Patients can return to work after 1 week. It is recommended to stay away from heavy sport and physical activity for 3 months.

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