What is Labiaplasty (Labia Aesthetics)?

Vaginal changes may occur due to age, birth (especially those who made episiotomy) and sexual activity. Sometimes these changes are not a problem only because of appearance but also sexual dissatisfaction and reluctance. At the same time it can also create problems for the sexual partner.

labium estetigi

Vaginal tightening and Aesthetics

It is especially made to improve sexual satisfaction. Surgery is done under local or general anesthesia. Operation take about approximately 30 minutes. Vaginal area esthetics, does not only correct the shape and appearance of the vagina, it also corrects the function of the impaired loose vaginal muscles. Thus, the tension of the vagina channel, tone and resistance is increased. This tension leads to more pleasure for man and woman during the sexual relationship. After birth or structurally the muscles in the lower genital tract may hang, sag or enlarge. Vaginal muscles relax, normal tension and resistance is reduced, control and support functions are impaired. As a result it results as vaginal relaxation, inner, outer width increases and decreases sexual pleasure. The vagina canal can be tightened and the muscle structure can be sorrected surgically.

Labiaplasty (Labia Aesthetics)

Labia majus (vaginal labia majora) or the labia minus (vaginal labia minora)can be corrected by intervention and more youthful and alive vagina can be created. The excess fat in the mons pubis (hairy area above the vagina) can be removed to create a mre aesthetic look.
Many women are complaining of large and floppy labia. Surgical interventions can be done purposes the labium but big and floppy labia may prevent the sexual gratification of the senses by closing the clitoris. Excessive vaginal floppy and shapeless lips can cause a sense of shame in person, sexual dysfunction and frigidity. Therefore sexual dysfunction benefit from labia aesthetic operations.

Small labium does not create a functional disorder but the appearance can make a person unhappy. Small labium can be done bigger and firmer corrected with tissue transfer. Making a person happy in this way can increase the sexual pleasure.

Clitoris Surgery

Interventions to correct the clitorus are not only for the appearance of the clitoris, at the same time it also facilitate the sexual satisfaction.

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